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Are you ready to commit?

Class Series are here!

What is a Class Series?

A Class Series is an 8 week class program that progresses week to week to help you get the most out of your commitment! These classes will run in a normal live space on the schedule, be recorded and uploaded into the on-demand section of the portal.  After the 8 weeks are complete, the on-demand videos will be removed.  

These special classes will only be offered for the 8 weeks before being rotated out of the schedule. 

Choose a Class Series (or a few!) to get started with below. 


Anxiety and Stress Relief


1:30-1:40pm ET

begins October 30

Help settle your mind and help reduce anxiety and relieve stress.  Each week will build in a new mindfulness session touching on a new aspect of managing stress and anxiety.


Strength IQ


7:15 - 7:35am  ET

begins October 31

Get STRONG in a new way - follow along on this 8-week program.  Each week will focus on how to use strength training to your advantage - to get results.  Get stronger, improve posture, and learn new ways to take your strength routine to the next level.


Yoga Fusion


4:30-5:15pm ET

begins November 1

This unique workout fuses 3 disciplines into one class - Yoga, Pilates and Core Conditioning. A series of challenging exercises drawn from all three help establish better posture, stability and strength.  Segments are devoted to developing balance, flexibility and core strength.


Cardio Boxing


2:05-2:35pm ET

begins November 2

Cardio Boxing is a high energy cardio focused class using boxing combinations to give you a full body sweaty workout.  Each week we will have progressively more challenging boxing combinations.

Check our full class schedule with over 20 classes offered each week. 

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