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July 4 - 31, 2023

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Join us for the Stampede - the Calorie Stampede that is!

From July 4 - 31, join us in our live virtual classes and earn points! Each live class you attend will earn you different point values based on the number of calories. This will vary depending on the length, intensity, etc. Your goal is to earn 3500 points (which means you burned 3500 calories or 1 pound of fat) as often as possible by attending live virtual classes on WellNorth.

For example - Strength earns you 250 points per class. Mind earns you 25 points. If you attend a live Strength and Mind class, you earn 275 points towards your 3500 goal.

The number of points awarded for each class can be found in the class descriptions, but you only get your points if you attend and participate in the class. Each time you reach 3500 points, you will be entered into our draw for one of 2 $50 gift cards.

Points will automatically be added to your profile under the Rewards section of your member portal.

Only live classes count. On demand and other workout activities do not count as points for the Calorie Stampede.

Sign up today and start planning some virtual classes into your day!

Stampede Horse_edited.png
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